Plan of Work

“HMSDC Means Success. . .Come Grow With Us”



2016 looks like a challenging year in Houston with the slump in oil prices continuing and causing major cutbacks in production, exploration, capital expenditures and jobs. The ripple effect will be significant. We are likely to see a number of businesses fail, as well as opportunities arise.

Experience shows that minority businesses can often gain more ground during a bad economy than a robust economy when everyone is too busy to consider alternatives. MBEs can bring cost savings, innovation, performance enhancements and even new business to the table to bolster the economy in good times and in bad. This is a time when MBEs have opportunities available that they can grasp, and HMSDC is here to help make that happen.

HMSDC is committed to the success of our MBEs and our Corporate Members. We are positioned to help MBEs be attractive to our corporate members and to set a certification and education bar that concretely demonstrates the strength and depth of our MBEs. HMSDC continues to maintain a strong cadre of programs that meet today’s challenges and positions serious MBEs for unprecedented success.

So let’s hope you have set a New Year’s Resolution to grow your business and the effectiveness of your supplier diversity program in 2016. Many of you know what you need to do to achieve that. HMSDC is there to provide added discipline and reinforcement to help you actually succeed. Others want HMSDC to help guide you on the steps to take to grow and walk with you on the pathway to success. In either case, HMSDC will be there for you.

How will HMSDC help you grow in 2016? For Corporate Members HMSDC will increase the value and ROI of your supplier diversity programs. HMSDC will help you achieve world class status in supplier diversity as we help grow your spend with certified MBEs.

For MBEs, HMSDC will open doors to new opportunities through certification, develop a personal growth plan for any interested MBE, connect you face-to-face with potential customers, surround you with the information and insight to achieve long-term sustainable growth, grow you and your management team so you can grow your business, position you deliberately for success, and increase your visibility and credibility.

Sound good? Well there is no better place to grow your business in 2016 than HMSDC, and there is no better time to do it.

HMSDC Means Success…..Come Grow With Us!



Opens doors to new opportunities and proven suppliers

  • MBE Directory – Provide a directory of credible MBEs and Corporate Members by January 31 (Staff)
  • Reciprocal Certification – HMSDC certification accepted by Corporate America, State of Texas, City of Houston, and others (Certification Compliance)

Increases MBE visibility and credibility

  • Certification & Recertification – Maintain highest standards of certification and recertification throughout 2016 (Certification Compliance)
  • Process Efficiency – Drive efficiency in the process by Black Belt process review and website updates in January and online instructional videos by February (Staff)

Launches you on your personalized pathway to success

  • EnterChange – Conduct bi-monthly sessions to welcome and orient newly certified MBEs and place video on website by March 31 (Membership)
  • Ambassadors – Recruit and manage at least 13 Ambassadors to assist in acclimating newly certified MBEs to HMSDC (Membership)
  • Corporate Member Onboarding – Annual orientation in August and personal orientation of each new Corporate Member within three weeks of joining HMSDC (SDAC)


Connects you face-to-face with potential customers and proven suppliers

  • Matchmaking Luncheons – Average attendance of 350 at three themed HMSDC luncheons in March, July and November (Program)
  • Golf Tournament – 180 participants in the May 16 golf tournament raising $80,000 for MBE scholarships (Scholarship Fundraiser)
  • EXPO 2016 – 1,400 participants in EXPO 2016 on October 5-6 (EXPO)
  • Mixers – Three mixers with 40+ participants each in February, June, and September (MAC)
  • MBE Tours – Tour of MBE facilities with 20 participants in June (SDAC)

Surrounds you with the people, information, insight and resources to succeed

  • Industry Groups – Three industry groups meeting bi-monthly in 2016 (MAC)
  • Doing Business With Forums – Four forums held in 2016 specifically focused on introducing MBEs to business opportunities, processes and decision makers at HMSDC Corporate Members (SDAC)
  • Weekly Alerts, HMSDC Newsletter & Website – Published weekly, quarterly and updated regularly respectively in 2016 (Staff)
  • Quality Sourcing & Matchmaking – Hands on sourcing and matchmaking of MBEs to Corporate Members, fellow MBEs and others (Staff)


Develops you so you can grow your company or program

  • MBE Accelerator – Online assessment and training of 15 MBEs per month through the MBE Accelerator (Education)
  • Coaching & Consulting – Provide hands on coaching and consulting to over 80 MBEs in 2016 (Staff)
  • MBE scholarships – Award $80,000 in MBE scholarships in July, 2016 (SDAC)
  • CEO Academies – Complete CEO Academy I in February, June and September and begin CEO Academy II (Staff)

Prepares MBEs to do business with Corporate America

  • Pathways to Excellence – 20-30 MBEs per month complete the self-assessment through Pathways to Excellence (Pathways to Excellence)
  • Focused training academies 20-30 MBEs per month attend training academies linked to Pathways to Excellence (Education)
  • Supplier Idol – 6-9 MBEs quarterly participate in the Supplier Idol communications training (SDAC)
  • MAC Forums – 15 MBEs attend quarterly MAC Forums to explore the status and possible improvements in area supplier diversity efforts (MAC)
  • Lunch With the President – 12-16 MBEs attend quarterly Lunch With the President to explore current market conditions and approaches (Staff)

Positions you for success

  • MBE Validation – Validate 10-15 as a “Best in Class” suppliers in 2016 (Pathways to Excellence)

Drives excellence in supplier diversity

  • Levels of Excellence – 20 Corporate Members use their Levels of Excellence self-assessment to chart progress in supplier diversity programming (SDAC)
  • Best & Next Practices – Best practices shared and next practices explored monthly with 12-18 Corporate Members (SDAC)
  • CPO Summits – 15-20 Corporate CPOs attend semi-annual CPO Summits in March and November (SDAC)
  • Capacity Building Model – Fill two classes in the Capacity Building Model Online with 15-20 corporate members each (SDAC)


Role models successes you can learn from

  • Success stories – Success stories published monthly recognizing MBE and Corporate Member achievements (Staff)
  • Awards – Nominations judged and awards presented to showcase exemplary achievements at HMSDC events in March, July, October and November (MAC, SDAC)

Affirms the value of supplier diversity

  • Economic impact report – Publicize the 2015 Economic Impact Study in varied media throughout the year (Staff)
  • Procurement study – Complete a study and analysis of Corporate Member procurement with MBEs by July 31 (Staff)
  • Legislative relations – Screen candidates for public office in third quarter 2016 with quarterly contact with local and state representatives (MAC)

Grows membership and prestige

  • Prime suppliers and mid-tier – Involve 40 prime and mid-tier companies in HMSDC activities in 2016 (SDAC)
  • Targeted MBEs – Recruit 200 certified MBEs to HMSDC in 2016 (Membership)


The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). NMSDC emphasizes four core capabilities which become the four pillars of HMSDC’s 2016 Plan of Work. They are to:

  1. 1. CERTIFY – Certify MBEs throughout the HMSDC service area effectively and efficiently according to the highest standards of certification.
  2. Goals:

    • Achieve 700 Certified MBEs
    • Achieve 80-90% MBE retention
    • Achieve 45 day certification efficiency


    1. Perform MBE certifications consistent with NMSDC policies with emphasis on operational excellence of thoroughness, effectiveness and efficiency.
    2. Achieve a full representation of certified MBEs throughout the HMSDC service area.


  • 2. CONNECT – Increase and expand business opportunities and business growth for MBEs.
  • Goals:

    • Grow MBE revenues by 5-10% annually
    • Grow the number of employees of MBEs by 3-5% annually
    • Grow Corporate Member spend with HMSDC MBEs by 2%
    • Assist 2 Corporate Members in joining the Billion Dollar Roundtable
    • $2-3 million in spend between MBEs
    • $30-40 million in prime supplier spend with MBEs


    1. Increase and expand opportunities for MBEs
    2. Deliberately match MBEs to needs and opportunities
    3. Provide tools to guide and facilitate minority business development

  • 3. DEVELOP – Position MBEs in such a manner that business is attracted to them
  • Goals:

    • At least 50 MBEs advance to the next level of business growth through a segmented, comprehensive MBE development strategy
    • At least 5 Corporate Members achieve world class status in their supplier diversity programs
    • $2 – $10 million financing assistance provided to MBEs


    1. Provide intentional learning and development support to MBEs.
    2. Assist MBEs to understand the corporate culture and procurement/contracting process.
    3. Assist Corporate Members in implementing effective supplier diversity programs.

  • 4. ADVOCATE – Public understands the priority for MBE development and knows HMSDC as the primary advocate and resource for MBE development.
  • Goals:

    • Key industry and political leaders know of HMSDC and its value
    • Increase Corporate Member reporting of MBE spend by 5-10%
    • Monthly features of HMSDC in local media
    • 160-185 Corporate Members


    1. Position HMSDC as the authority on supplier diversity
    2. Serve as the voice of minority business development
    3. Promote MBE development
    4. Facilitate effective communications between MBEs and Corporate Members