Plan of Work

“Leading… Innovating… Networking… Growing”


“You simply can’t separate HMSDC from business growth in Houston and beyond.”


The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). HMSDC’s 2018 Plan of Work focuses on Leading through Program Delivery, Innovating by building capacity, Networking by leveraging our affiliate partners, and Growing by bringing new opportunities and corporate members to the Council.

  1. 1. CERTIFY – Certify MBEs throughout the HMSDC service area effectively and efficiently according to the highest standards of certification.
  2. Goals:

    • Achieve 650 Certified MBEs
    • Achieve 75-80% MBE retention
    • Achieve 45-day certification efficiency


    1. Perform MBE certifications consistent with NMSDC policies with emphasis on operational excellence of thoroughness, effectiveness and efficiency.
    2. Achieve a full representation of certified MBEs throughout the HMSDC core service area.


  • 2. CONNECT – Increase and expand business opportunities and business growth for MBEs.
  • Goals:

    • Grow MBE revenues by 2-5% annually
    • Grow Corporate Member spend with HMSDC MBEs by 2%
    • Assist 2 Corporate Members in joining the Billion Dollar Roundtable
    • $1 million in spend between MBEs
    • $30-40 million in prime supplier spend with MBEs
    • $10 million in new spend with MBEs by 2019


    1. Increase and expand opportunities for MBEs
    2. Deliberately match MBEs to needs and opportunities
    3. Provide tools to guide and facilitate minority business development
    4. Automate sourcing and procurement opportunity alert thru mobile app development and other tools

  • 3. DEVELOP – Position MBEs in such a manner that business is attracted to them
  • Goals:

    • At least 50 MBEs advance to the next level of business growth through a segmented, comprehensive MBE development strategy
    • Define criteria for corporate members to measure the engagement of prime suppliers in growing and developing MBE Opportunities
    • $2 – $10 million financing assistance provided to MBEs


    1. Provide intentional learning and development support to MBEs through CEO Academy and CEO Conversations.
    2. Assist MBEs to understand the corporate culture and procurement/contracting process through How to Do Business Sessions.
    3. Assist Corporate Members in implementing effective supplier diversity programs.
    4. Establish supplier development program best practices for prospective corporate members without a program in place.

  • 4. ADVOCATE – Public understands the priority for MBE development and knows HMSDC as the primary advocate and resource for MBE development.
  • Goals:

    • Key industry and political leaders know of HMSDC and its value
    • Increase Corporate Member reporting of MBE spend by 5-10%
    • Monthly features of HMSDC in local media


    1. Position HMSDC as the authority on supplier diversity
    2. Serve as the voice of minority business development
    3. Promote MBE development
    4. Facilitate effective communications between MBEs and Corporate Members
    5. Develop regular relevant content communications to MBEs and Corporate Members using select social media platforms

Committees Contributing to the Plan of Work

Education Committee
Purpose: Organize, promote and host educational seminars and workshops sponsored solely or jointly by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council to meet MBE development needs.

EXPO Steering Committee
Purpose: To plan and implement the EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace and related events.

MBE Input Committee
Purpose: Provide MBE input into the work and affairs of the Council and organize, promote and implement such Council activities which benefit MBE members.

Membership Committee
Purpose: Expand active certified MBEs through effective recruitment, activation and retention of MBEs.

Pathways to Excellence Committee
Purpose: Assess educational and development needs and interests of MBEs. Manage the P2E Program and consultants/coaches.

Program Committee
Purpose: To plan and conduct HMSDC luncheons and showcases.

Scholarship Fundraiser Committee
Purpose: To plan and conduct a successful sports networking tournament to raise money for MBE

Strategic Teaming Alliances Committee
Purpose: Organize, promote and host educational seminars and workshops sponsored solely or jointly by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council to meet MBE capacity needs.

Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee
Purpose: Provide corporate input into the work and affairs of the Council and organize, promote and implement Council activities which benefit buyers and corporate members in their minority business development efforts.

Industry Groups
Purpose: Promote information sharing and collaboration opportunities between MBEs engaged in the same or similar industry.


CERTIFY…Extend Our Reputation of Excellence

Provide unparalleled levels of competent MBEs with capacity.

  • Monitor and capture pre-registration and onsite registration of non-certified MBEs and use it as a recruitment tool. {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Support the development of the program for the annual Town Hall Meeting which is a meeting of all MBEs with the primary purpose of providing an overview of the HMSDC plan of work for the upcoming year. (January 25th) {MBE Input Committee}
  • Develop and implement an exit questionnaire on why MBEs are not renewing their certification {Membership Committee}
  • Create a video that articulates the value of HMSDC {Membership Committee}

CONNECT…Leverage Strategic Relationships

Leverage thought leaders to incorporate knowledge of a broad cross-section of industries.

  • Produce a tradeshow that will have 100 exhibitors inclusive of 25 primes and 1,000 total participants {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Add a sales/marketing row for corporations that wish to sell to MBEs with the understanding they must have a procurement booth to participate {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Raise $200,000 in EXPO Sponsorships {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Raise $30,000 in EXPO Reception Sponsorships {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Host at least two MBEIC/SDAC meetings or social events. (One per each six months) {MBE Input Committee}
  • Increase the number of certified MBEs that have opted in to the online portal to 60% or greater by year-end. (By December 31st) {MBE Input Committee}
  • Host quarterly mixers to connect MBEs with each other and corporations {Membership Committee}
  • Publish success stories and why they chose HMSDC on the HMSDC website {Membership Committee}
  • Include a virtual suggestion box on the HMSDC website {Membership Committee}
  • Create 2 luncheons in March and July with an attendance of 300 registrants to connect corporations and MBEs {Program Committee}
  • Host a golf tournament in May to connect major corporations and MBEs with an attendance goal of 130 {Scholarship Committee}
  • Raise at least $60,000 for the MBE Executive Scholarship Fundraiser {Scholarship Committee}
  • Host an event prior to the golf tournament that will all golfers to network with one another {Scholarship Committee}
  • Strategic and Proactive Supplier Idol Sessions {SDAC Committee}
  • Schedule once per quarter or as the business dictates by marketing through Enterchange
  • Host invitation only corporate recruitment and networking event to promote HMSDC and meet likeminded companies involved in minority business development. {SDAC Committee}
  • Provide a progressive program for MBEs in awareness in forming, managing and marketing effective strategic alliances with the collaboration of HMSDC corporate members {STAC Committee}
  • Raise awareness of international business for MBEs who are seeking to venture into new markets {STAC Committee}
  • Develop a Professional Services Directory {Industry Committee}

DEVELOP…Elevate Core Offerings

Design service offerings that lead and define business development.

  • Deliver a minimum of six learning sessions and 2 corporate partnered learning sessions. {Education Committee}
  • Work in conjunction with other HMSDC committees to deliver educational programming for all MBE revenue classes. {Education Committee}
  • Present 2 EXPO Preparation Workshops that will prepare exhibitors and MBEs for maximum result on the tradeshow floor {EXPO Steering Committee}
  • Host at least four MBEIC Forums (quarterly) with an invited guest speaker to explore upcoming projects and possible improvements in area of supplier diversity. (One per each quarter) {MBE Input Committee}
  • Host educational sessions for MBEs and Corporate members based on their needs (Quarterly – evaluated based on attendance and exit surveys) {SDAC Committee}
  • Support Supplier Diversity by utilizing methods that drives accountability of Primes. {SDAC Committee}
  • Create a quarterly orientation and onboarding process for new SDAC members to assist them in more effectively managing their program. New Corporate Member Orientations. {SDAC Committee}
  • Coordinate and market the use of “Link” meetings – meetings of certified HMSDC MBEs who are seeking strategic alliances to explore opportunities that can be leveraged for business expansion {STAC Committee}
  • Host Monthly PSIG Meetings with Professional Services Buyers as special guest speakers {Industry Committee}

ADVOCATE…Deliver Value and Performance

Utilize measurable goals and data to drive member services.

  • Coordinate an elected official reception in Austin, TX in conjunction with the NMSDC National Conference (October) {MBE Input Committee}
  • Host a candidate screening for 2018 elections determined to be relevant to MBE issues. Identify relevant elections by March 31st and conduct screenings at least one-month prior to the elections to allow adequate time to communicate the results. {MBE Input Committee}
  • Create on-boarding materials including a quick start guide to acclimate MBEs into the organization {Membership Committee}
  • Maintain the Ambassador program to include 20 active MBEs that have been on-boarded {Membership Committee}
  • Increase active engagement of current members and drive the relevancy and need for supplier diversity in the minds of current and potential supporters through targeted messaging. (Quarterly messaging before and/or after HMSDC’s signature events) {SDAC Committee}
  • 100% Application Fulfillment on Awards while using an automated online process {SDAC Committee}