Class Descriptions


SWOT ANALYSIS – Introductory Lunch and Learn Class

Participants will receive a completed SWOT Analysis and, working in teams, will be charged with selecting the strengths and weaknesses that should be given the highest priority and then designing a stronger business strategy that leverages strengths and minimizes weaknesses.

VALUE PROPOSITION – Introductory Lunch and Learn Class

This introductory class helps business owners differentiate between a description of business products and services and the value of those products and services as viewed by the prospective customer. Participants will also get some practice at writing a value proposition and having it critiqued by other participants.

VALUE PROPOSITION – Advanced Academy

This Academy is an advanced class providing a more in-depth exploration of “value” and how it affects the business marketing strategy. Participants will learn why a value proposition must always be viewed as relative to the customer profile, the industry, your competitors, and changing market conditions.

MARKETING – Introductory Lunch and Learn Class

This introductory class identifies the essential information needed to develop a marketing strategy including: target market, customer profile, products and services description, competitor analysis, and industry analysis and the importance of each in designing an effective marketing strategy. Templates that help business owners analyze the information are provided.

MARKETING – Advanced Academy

This advanced class is designed to give participants “hands on” experience at developing a marketing strategy when the customer is a federal or state government agency or political subdivision, a private sector business, or a prime contractor. Participants will be given certain information critical to the development of a marketing strategy and charged with utilizing that information to develop a viable marketing strategy for the assigned target market.

The Pathways to Excellence (P2E) Assessment includes the metrics for developing a strong marketing strategy. The section of the Assessment with those metrics is provided. Business owners will leave the class with a clear understanding of how to use marketing fundamentals to customize a strategy for a specific target market.

MARKETING – Marketing Strategy Academy

This Academy is an in-depth exploration of each marketing strategy component illustrating for participants how each component assists the business owner in refining the marketing strategy to attract prospective customers in a very specific target market and selecting media that are most likely to work best for marketing to those prospects. Three target markets are explored: government buyers, prime contractors, and private sector businesses. A panel of three buyers share with participants how they identify suppliers and what their priorities are in making the “buy decision.”

PATHWAYS TO EXCELLENCE ASSESSMENT – Introductory Lunch and Learn Class

This introductory class is designed to acquaint business owners who are unfamiliar with the P2E Assessment with the structure and format of the Assessment, an understanding of how to utilize the Assessment to evaluate business strengths and weaknesses, and with the HMSDC resources available to help them improve business performance.

A hard copy sample of each category of the Pathways to Excellence (P2E) Assessment will be provided to all participants as well as instructions for accessing the Assessment online.

2 Day Strategic Alliances Course

Participants will be provided foundational knowledge necessary for operating strategic alliances or teaming arrangements. Participants will learn how to negotiate, market and manage an alliance that can be capable of building capacity, growing their business and moving their business to the next level.

Strategic Alliance – Fast Tract Course

Focus on participants that have already taken the 2 day strategic alliance course and that are in the process of implementing a strategic alliance. Possess knowledge necessary for operating strategic alliances, identify key characteristics of the alliance partner, understanding the initial conditions that are critical to the alliance, establishing each partners added value, identifying obstacles in the alliance or teaming arrangements, ensure that legal contracts are effective, and the process of trust building. Participants will enhance skills to negotiate, market and manage an alliance.

CYBER SECURITY – Introductory Class on Protecting Consumer Privacy

This class is designed to heighten the awareness of business owners regarding their legal obligation to take specific measures to safeguard the consumer information they “keep on file.” Participants will learn the basic provisions of statutes protecting consumer privacy, the legal consequences of failing to comply with those statutes, and best practices they can implement to demonstrate a good faith effort to protect confidential consumer information. A basic privacy policy will be provided.

CYBER SECURITY – Advanced Academy

This Academy is a comprehensive look at the latest trends in “Identity Theft” and how hackers are breaching standard security measures to access and sell the confidential information of your customers or to encrypt essential business data, forcing business owners to pay a ransom for access to their own information. Participants will also learn how banking institutions are seeking to limit their liability for identity theft. Experts from law enforcement, an IT firm, and a law firm specializing in Cyber Theft cases will bring business owners up-to-date on common vulnerabilities and share cost-effective best practices for protecting confidential consumer information.

WORKFORCE RISK – Introductory Lunch and Learn

This introductory class is designed to illustrate for business owners the ways that people create risk in the workplace and how management practices can increase or mitigate risk. Risks addressed will include risk created by unethical employees, incompetent employees, impaired employees, willfully-disobedient employees, and disgruntled employees. Participants will be presented with descriptions of problematic employees and asked to select the best method to manage the risk. Best solutions will be provided.

WORKFORCE RISK – Advanced Academy

This advanced class is designed to address the cost of workforce risk that is not effectively managed. In addition to identifying the most costly risks, HR professionals will address best practices for managing specific types of workforce risk. Basic policies will be provided.