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Key Programs and Services

Each Corporate Member is encouraged to follow a deliberate pathway to success by doing the following:


Require Certification – Require your diverse suppliers to be certified with HMSDC as a mark of integrity for your program and to surround the MBE with the direction and support to become and remain a competitive and value-added supplier.


Best Practice Sharing – Attend program sharing sessions and specific corporate focused trainings to share, learn and develop effective minority business development approaches.

Best Practices Toolbox – Tap into the wealth of information and examples of peer corporate supplier diversity program components designed to assist corporate members in achieving the highest levels of excellence in their supplier diversity programs.

Capacity Building Pipeline – A program designed to eliminate constraints and challenges that limit growth of MBEs and establishes a new industry standard for supplier development with growth capital, training, and management augmentation.

Corporate Member On-Boarding – Help onboard new Corporate Members and supplier diversity professionals with a personalized orientation, participation in the “buyer buddy” program and the Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee.

Corporate Program Support – Ask the professional HMSDC staff for an analysis of your supplier diversity program with recommendations for improvement.

EXPO Corporate Preparation Seminar – Attend the EXPO preparation seminars and bring your prime suppliers to learn how to maximize results from Texas’ largest regional minority and HUB business event.

Level of Excellence – Complete the Levels of Excellence corporate assessment as a guide to achieving world class status in your company’s supplier diversity program.

Supplier Diversity Program Managers Training – National and local corporate members can participate in the NMSDC supplier diversity best practices training designed for supplier diversity professionals.


CRM Database – Maintain your corporate member information and search or certified and qualified MBEs in HMSDC’s searchable on-line database.

Emerging 10 Awards (E-10) – Over 300 decision-makers participate in an inspiring business networking event co-sponsored by the Houston Business Journal that showcases the success stories of ten MBEs selected to receive E-10 Awards on the basis of obstacles overcome, success achieved, and the role they play in the community.

EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace Exhibitor(s) – EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace boasts over 120+ exhibitor booths, including major corporations, prime suppliers, government agencies and educational institutions. This event brings together over 1,000 business leaders and MBEs to gain information, insight and relationships that drive long term business success for both MBEs and EXPO exhibitors.

EXPO One-to-One Sessions – Ensure that you benefit from your time at EXPO by signing up for One-to-One appointments and let HMSDC source and match you with qualified MBEs in the commodity and service areas of interest to your organization.

How to Do Business Sessions – Company specific informational meetings designed to provide insight into your company’s procurement opportunities and increase MBE understanding of how to conduct business with your corporation, government agency or educational institution.

Industry Forums – Participate in industry specific forums designed to share insight into your specific industries needs and business opportunities and share proven strategies to increase industry utilization of MBEs.

MBE Matchmakers – Industry, product and/or service focused sessions designed to connect MBEs to corporate buyers, preferably at the host corporation through targeted One-to-One sessions to address specific buying needs.

Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament – Join 200+ golfers each year in May to create viable and lasting business networking on the golf course, in the golf clinic, or at the awards luncheon, while raising funds for the MBE Business Executive Scholarship Program.

Social Media – HMSDC social media platforms are the “go-to” resource portals for MBEs and corporate members to find information on certification, events, registrations, newsletter and more. Visit our website (, or on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Weekly Alert – Corporate members and MBE suppliers receive a Weekly Alert each Monday to inform them of upcoming events in HMSDC and the business community.

Holiday Social – Attend the festive holiday gathering in December to network with 100+ MBEs and Corporate Members, and to reflect on a great year of minority business development.


Chief Procurement Officer Summit(s) – Designed to engage senior procurement leaders in a forthright and high-energy discussion on supplier diversity effectiveness and inclusion solutions. The CPO Summit brings top CPOs together to share insight and strategies in supplier diversity and establishes a professional CPO network. Send your Chief Procurement Officer to CPO Summits to discuss common issues, solutions and inclusion in the strategic sourcing process.

Corporate Reception – An opportunity to be an advocate and assist in the recruitment of new corporate members and prime suppliers with an emphasis on middle market companies.

Economic Impact Study – Capitalize on the drivers for Supplier Diversity by identifying and measuring the true impact of your supplier diversity efforts and return on investment and return on opportunity, then publicize internally and externally.

Public Policy Day – HMSDC meets regularly with local and state legislators and co-sponsors MBE Public Policy Day to inform legislators of issues of importance to MBEs and to supplier diversity. These sessions assist MBEs in understanding the legislative process and how it impacts their businesses.

Sharing Success Stories – Designed to share success and inspire corporate members and MBEs through your stories on HMSDC’s website and social media accounts.

Supplier Bridge Meetings – Combined meetings of corporate members and MBEs held to share perspectives and evaluate strategies and priorities to increase the effectiveness of supplier diversity and supplier development.

Supplier Diversity Recognition – Report your procurement and development results to NMSDC and nominate yourself and others for HMSDC awards throughout the year.