HMSDC has developed various key Programs and Tools for Growing Minority Owned Businesses.
We have developed two online assessment tools to assist your business growth; MBE Accelerator which provides MBEs with direction and support to achieve sustainable growth in sales and employment by addressing management concerns and business growth strategies. And the Pathways to Excellence (P2E) that allows MBEs to conduct a self-assessment of their business. The assessment covers five general categories:  Business Strategy, Quality Assurance, Business Capacity, Risk Management, and Business Continuity.

HMSDC has also designed Training Academies to support the online assessments by providing an intentional learning track for all levels of MBEs in finance, management, sales, marketing, technology, government, risk mitigation, safety, international business and corporate procurement.

HMSDC Education is designed to provide the educational and developmental tools needed for MBEs to develop a business culture for success and assist MBE’s in gaining new business opportunities.