The HMSDC MBE Accelerator is designed to develop the owner and top management of MBEs with the skills to effectively growth their companies.  The Accelerator consists of two talent assessments, Accenture Academy online courses, and HMSDC Consulting Services.  The assessments benchmark your current status in Business Growth and Management Concerns and provide you a training road map to growth and success.
This program encourages the engagement of your top-level management team to collaborate in two vital areas of your company:  Business Growth and Management Concerns.  You must be honest with yourself and commit to completing the MBE Accelerator to develop a viable growth plan for success.
There are six categories within each assessment that are evaluated:

Business Growth Assessment Management Concerns Assessment
Company Objectives Structure of Business Cash Management Asset Management
Management Style Products and Services Marketing Organizational Behavior
Major Expenditures Sources of Finance Management Reporting

Based on your results for each assessment, you will be provided a list of recommended training courses via Accenture Business Learning Library.  These training courses are available to your management team and will assist in strengthening areas of weakness within your company.  After completing the training, it is highly advised that you take the assessment quarterly to see the level of improvement you are making.  HMSDC offers consulting services to support the online training.

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