Coaching & Consulting

Consulting & Coaching – Categories

#1 Human Resource Consulting #8 CPA’s & Attorney’s Consulting
Human Resources Development
Organizational Development
Understand HR Principles
Application of HR Principles and Concepts
Tax Strategies and Accounting Systems
Legal Structure
Steps To Mediation
#2 Marketing Consultant #9 Performance Improvement Coach
Develop your brand
Transform business through effective branding
Create successful marketing strategies
Strategic Planning
Achieve peak performance
Focus on career progression
Specializes in Upward Mobility
Problem Solving
Avoiding Burnout / Stress Release
#3 Technology Consulting #10 Business Behavior Coach
IT– Infrastructure
IT—Processes & Systems
IT – Security
Action planning for behavioral change in the workplace
Improve communication skills, verbal & written
Improve interpersonal skills
#4 Conflict Management

#11 Management Coaching

Change Management
Conflict Management
Labor Disputes
Mergers & Acquisitions
Driving accountability, decisions & actions
Define project scope, methodologies & project plans
#5 Leadership Coaching

#12 Sales Coaching

Transforming negative attitudes into positive production
Inspire team to accept personal responsibility
Create an outcome-focused culture
Instill enthusiasm in the environment
Develop strategies to optimize account revenue and sales objectives
Prepare product presentations for existing and potential clients
#6 Career Coaching #13 Team Building & Facilitation
Shift your mindset
View your skills from a position of strength
Master explaining what you bring to the table
Create an outcome focused culture
Inspire your team to become responsible and accountable
Create a culture of transparency and trust
#7 Life Purpose Coach #14 Diversity & Cultural Coaching
Reinvent yourself
Discover new possibilities
Develop a success plan
Integrate culture and language
Embracing cultural change
Focus on diversity & cultural issues

Coaching and Consultants

In preparing the MBE through educational resources, HMSDC also has Coaching and Consultant Services available to guide, develop and assist the MBE to the next level. Below is a list of categories available  for consultation. For further information contact Robert Gonzalez, Director of Development and Consulting Services at