Executive Coaching

HMSDC is introducing a new Executive Coaching Program designed to provide executive coaching to empower minority business owners to expand their leadership skills and their ability to grow their businesses. With business evolving and moving at breakneck speed, business owners all too often are focused on the operational aspects of their business, leaving little time for forward thinking, business planning and execution of sound growth strategies.

This program is designed for minority businesses of all sizes. Our executive coaches will take an objective look at your business and help address strategic business needs and leadership challenges. They will teach, encourage and inspire MBEs to do what may seem impossible!

Executive coaches will include current and former corporate executives, HMSDC Board and Executive Advisory Board members, CPO Summit participants and other experienced business experts.

MBE participants must complete a short application and show that they actively serve on an HMSDC committee, participate in two HMSDC training and development programs, and have utilized a MBE Business Executive Scholarship within the past two years.

Together, the MBE and executive coach will commit to meet a minimum of 3-4 times in a year and provide a summary of key impacts and accomplishments at the end of the year. To apply, simply complete the online application at Executive Coaching and return it to Ingrid Robinson, ingrid.robinson@HMSDC.org with your questions.

HMSDC is committed to helping MBEs grow in competence and capacity, able to drive business success and play a significant role in strengthening our communities, state and nation.  For more information on HMSDC go to www.HMSDC.org or call us at 713-271-7805 or info@HMSDC.org.