The Link

“The Link…”
MBE to MBE the Teaming conversation starts here.

Build your network and relationships NOW…not when the RFPs are released.
The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) and the Strategic Teaming Alliance Committee (STAC) would like to introduce you to “The Link…” program which provides MBEs the ability to host a meeting with selected potential partners for business opportunities. These meetings are designed to increase targeted networking, allow MBEs to learn about other MBEs within HMSDC that can assist them in capacity building and build relationships in advance of contracting opportunities.

  • Are you interested in teaming with other MBEs to build your capacity?
  • Is there a compatible industry you can align yourself with to become more competitive?

You, as a HMSDC certified MBE, can host your own “The Link…” meeting and identify other MBEs whom are potential partners. There is no cost to host “The Link…” at the HMSDC office or you can provide a venue and atmosphere of your choice.
After the initial meeting, the host has the right to continue meeting with the selected MBEs on a one to one basis or as a group. All post meetings are the responsibility of the MBE host. HMSDC/STAC will coordinate the first “The Link…” meeting. The host has the right to have multiple “The Link…” meetings with a different group of MBEs.

Capacity Building with HMSDC Strategic Teaming Alliance