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Pathways to Excellence (P2E) was started with the question to corporations, “What are the expectations of a business at different stages that you look for when evaluating companies to be considerate for opportunities?”

Look at Pathways to Excellence (P2E) as being your guiding principles to gaining more opportunities.

P2E addresses the various steps in guiding a business from an idea to the implementation. The goal is to create a culture within the business to be the best and be able to compete in the open market.

In the four stages or transformation of the business you will be able to assess your own business and determine how far you are willing to commit to taking it to the next level.

This is not a guaranteed success, but P2E can increase your chances of sustainability and create a sound foundation for longevity.

The P2E assessment should be a guide used to measure and plan the success of your business.

Why you should take the assessment:

  • To enhance or create a guide for you to use as your strategic plan to achieve success.
  • Become familiar with expectations at different stages of business.
  • Be aware of the requirements of each business component in developing a road map for the business.
  • Understand what it takes to play in the game. Understand the commitment needed from your management team.
  • Develop a business culture for success.
  • Understand Business Strategy, Quality, Business Capacity, Risk Management, and Business Continuity.

The Pathway to Excellence (P2E) is designed to provide a company with a guide and the resources and information needed to compete in today’s changing economic times and global market.

The guide incorporates various segments from the P2E assessment into educational classes, seminars, webinars, quarterly reviews, and coaching/business consultants.  Both corporate and small business are involved with Houston Minority Supplier Council (HMSDC) in the development of the program through continual feedback to position small businesses as the “Best of the Best”.

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