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List of Committees


EXPO Committee (open committee) – (Second Monday | 2 PM – 3 PM)

The EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace is the largest minority business trade‐fair and business connection event within the state of Texas. This committee assists in the planning and the implementation of EXPO and all of its related events.

  • Awards
  • Booth Sales (General Exhibitors & Primes)
  • Marketing & Resolutions
  • One-to-One Sessions
  • Reception
  • Registration/Information
  • Sponsorships
  • Spot Bid Fair
  • Volunteers/HMSDC Booth
Scholarship Fundraiser Committee (open committee) – (Second Friday | 11 AM – 12 NOON)

Net proceeds from the scholarship fundraiser are awarded to MBEs through MBE Business Executive Scholarship awards. In order to raise the funds, this committee plans and conducts an annual fundraiser to maximize connections and build a fund that supports HMSDC developmental initiatives and outside approved programming MBEs can utilize to develop their businesses.
  • Donations/ Sponsorships
  • Marketing
  • Silent Auction
  • Foursome Sales
  • Volunteers
Marketplace Committee (open committee) – (Second Thursday | 2 PM – 4 PM)

Acts as the bridge between minority business enterprises (MBEs) and Corporate Members; facilitates the process of strategic and intentional matching between MBEs and Corporate Members; and aims to increase MBE‐to‐MBE and Corporate‐to‐MBE commerce.
  • Forums – Invites and coordinates guest speakers who are key decision makers and/or subject matter experts to provide industry awareness and possible improvements in the area of supplier diversity; and/or provide specific subject matter expertise on issues impacting MBEs.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – The Stakeholder Engagement Subcommittee informs MBEs and the general public about newsworthy activities of the organization and the value of upcoming events. This could include success stories, member highlights, newsworthy accomplishments, upcoming activities, and event recaps. The subcommittee reviews award criteria; solicits award nominations; ensures a standardized judging process; evaluates nominees for each award; and selects award winners.
  • Supplier Bridge – The Supplier Bridge Subcommittee is designed to give MBEs and Corporate members the opportunity to build better relationships, address challenges that hinder MBE to Corporate business activity and increase the understanding of each other’s point of view. These meetings seek to explore ways in which MBEs and Corporate members of HMSDC can remove barriers impeding MBE growth and utilization and discuss meaningful solutions for consideration by the Marketplace Committee.
Committee Leadership (Committee Chairs Only) – (Fourth Friday | 9 AM – 10 AM)

SDAC – Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee (corporate only) – (Second Wednesday | 2 PM – 4 PM)

Maintains a pulse on the needs of Corporate Members and acts as the voice of the Members to the Council; assists in promoting best practices for growing and developing supplier diversity programs; as well as the strategic recruitment and retention of prime suppliers to drive second‐tier engagement.
  • Continuous Improvement – The Continuous Improvement Subcommittee is designed to assist in promoting best practices amongst corporate members of HMSDC to promote the growth and development of supplier diversity corporate and governmental entity programs. The Continuous Improvement Subcommittee coordinates Supplier Idol judges; and Supplier Diversity Program best Practice sharing. This subcommittee also assists in organizing the SDAC annual retreat.
  • Corporate Ambassador – New corporate members to HMSDC need a liaison to help them acclimate to HMSDC’s culture, programs and events. Corporate Ambassadors are committed to helping their peers succeed and become active contributing members of HMSDC. Corporate Ambassadors highlight the benefits of HMSDC membership and give guidance and support to new members in the development of their programs and supply base
  • Prime Engagement – The Prime Engagement Subcommittee works to increase exposure of Prime Contractors to the MBEs of HMSDC. The subcommittee develops tools to assist corporations in attracting Prime Contractors to participate in HMSDC activities and join HMSDC as corporate members. It also facilitates engaging primes as exhibitors at EXPO and other HMSDC marketplace events. It promotes the sharing information, contract language and other tools to drive second-tier accountability.
MBEIC – Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBE only) – (Second Tuesday | 2 PM – 4 PM)

Maintains a pulse on the needs of minority business enterprises (MBEs) and acts as the voice of MBEs to the Council; focuses on the development and growth of MBEs; as well as the strategic recruitment and retention of qualifying MBEs. Subcommittees:
  • MBE Ambassadors – MBE Ambassadors are committed to helping their fellow MBEs succeed and become actively involved in HMSDC. MBE Ambassadors highlight the benefits of certification and committee participation. MBE Ambassadors share information on HMSDC programs and how to effectively utilize the Council for development and business opportunities. Ambassadors are provided special opportunities to represent the HMSDC and embody the core values and culture of the Council.
  • Industry Groups – MBEs in specific industries meet bi-monthly to build teaming relationships and to gain insight into specific markets and share proven strategies for business growth.
  • Legislative – The Legislative Subcommittee educates and provides public policy leaders and elected/appointed officials with resources and information on minority business issues and programs that support capacity building and the meaningful and sustainable inclusion of MBEs in contracting and other procurement opportunities.
Certification Committee (closed) – Is the committee responsible for reviewing all applications for certification as a minority business enterprise (MBE). Members of this committee must be approved by the board of directors and is responsible for providing a recommendation regarding each new application for certification to the board of directors to grant or deny certification based on the criteria outlined by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).