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The quick start guide is a tool to assist your business in getting acclimated
with HMSDC and to jumpstart your involvement in the organization. Feel free to
refer to this document as often as you need.

Task Value Timeline Owner
Attend ENTERchange and meet your new staff People do business with who they know like and trust. Meet the individuals that will be working on your behalf to assist in the growth of the business. 1st Thursday of the Month MBE
Contact your Ambassador Your Ambassador is a great resource and guide to assist you through your first year of the organization. Formulate a relationship with your Ambassador to ensure your firm is utilizing all the programs, services and resources available to you. 1st week after the ENTERchange MBE
Create/Perfect your value proposition. It’s important to understand how to communicate the value your firm brings to the table as well as your niche. With so many things demanding of our time, being succinct, informative and engaging will get you the meeting you desire. Contact the HMSDC office to sign-up for Supplier Idol to see if your value proposition resonates with your potential customer. 1st week after the ENTERchange MBE/Supplier Idol
Review the HMSDC’s calendar of events Visibility is very important in business development. As you begin to create a strategy of how to be successful within HMSDC, MBEs should include being at events where their customers will be. Ongoing MBE
Join a committee HMSDC’s committees are the powerhouse of the organization. The committee system is a wonderful opportunity for you to network with other MBEs and corporate members. It is also a way to increase your service offerings to other MBEs and corporate members by gaining valuable input into the work that we do. 2nd week after the ENTERchange MBE/Receptionist
Develop your strategy for utilizing HMSDC HMSDC has several programs that can assist your business growth and development. Create a strategy that will allow your firm to maximize its presence and opportunities within the organization. Ongoing MBE/HMSDC Staff
HUB Certificate You will receive your HUB certificate within 30 days of your certification. You may want to register in the Central Masters Bidder’s List (CMBL) to take advantage of your State certification. Ongoing MBE