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MBE Pathway To Success

Each MBE is encouraged to follow a deliberate pathway to success by doing the following:


Attend a Certification Outreach Workshop – Attend a monthly certification outreach workshops at the UH SBDC, a chamber of commerce, or at other business development organizations to learn about the benefits of being certified as an MBE. (Staff)

Attend a Pre-Certification Workshop – Attend a pre-certification workshops on the first Thursday of each month to understand how to get through the certification process within 30 days. (Staff)

Certify – Join 200+ MBEs in the freshman class of newly certified MBEs in 2015. (Membership)

Recertify – If already a certified MBE, join 700+ MBEs who will renew their MBE certification on time in 2015. (Membership)

Subscribe – If certified by another NMSDC council, join 100+ MBEs who will subscribe to services and become part of the HMSDC family. (Membership)

Leverage Your Certification – HMSDC certification automatically certifies you as a HUB with the State of Texas and is accepted across the nation by all regional councils and Corporate Members of NMSDC. Ask the HMSDC staff to help you with expedited certification with the City of Houston. Let HMSDC help connect you to the MBDA Center and chambers of commerce. (Staff)

ENTERchange – Attend a monthly ENTERchange to better understand how you can best benefit from your HMSDC certification and position yourself for success. (Membership)

Connect With Your Ambassador –
Connect biweekly, at least at first, with your assigned Ambassador to seek their guidance on building presence and momentum in HMSDC. (Membership)

Start Your Continued Education – Begin attending education programs to help you better understand how to refine and market your value proposition to potential customers. (P2E)


MBE Assessment – Utilize the HMSDC consultants and various automated tools to assesses your capability, capacity and qualification to do business with Corporate America. Work with the consultants and HMSDC coaching team to develop your own “Pathway to Success” that positions you so that business is attracted to you. (Staff)

Coaching – Utilize the Total Business Development Program to surround MBEs with consultants and coaches who can provide hands-on developmental support. (P2E)

Commit to Pathways to Excellence – Use the Pathways to Excellence Program to fill identified gaps and validate your preparedness for Corporate Member business. (P2E)

Attend Focus Training Academies – Attend bi-monthly educational academies to provide an intentional learning track for all levels of MBEs in the areas measured in Pathways to Excellence. (Education)

Sign Up for Supplier Idol –
Participate in a Supplier Idol session to receive candid advice, mentoring and feedback on your sales presentations, marketing material and phone etiquette (P2E, SDAC)

Take the Strategic Teaming Course – Achieve mastery in forming, managing and marketing effective strategic alliances by participating in the series of strategic teaming courses offered by HMSDC. (P2E)

Apply for an MBE Scholarships – Submit your application by May 30 for a MBE Business Executive Scholarship for a course or training of specific value to you in your next stage of business growth and development. (SDAC)

Take the 10,000 Small Businesses Program – Where possible, apply for the next class of the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program to build your plan and competency to grow your business. (Staff)

Tap Into the MBE Accelerator – Take these online courses provided by Accenture exclusively to HMSDC MBEs to grow yourself and your management team so you can grow your company. (Staff)

Participate in a CEO Academy – Sign up for four quarterly sessions with corporate and MBE CEOs to develop well-rounded C-level understanding, connections and strategies. (Staff)

Attend Lunch with the President –
Attend monthly roundtable discussions with the HMSDC President and 10-20 MBEs focused on capitalizing on marketplace changes and proven strategies to grow your business. (Staff)

Attend Bi-Monthly MAC Forums –
Attend special MBE Advisory Committee meetings focused on dialogue with key industry and political leaders around the topic of MBE participation. (MAC)

Selling/Marketing to Corporations – Provide training and counseling on the corporate perspective through an intentional educational series. (P2E)

Attend a EXPO 2015 MBE Preparation Seminar- Attend preparation seminars in July and August to prepare for success at EXPO 2015. (EXPO)

Attend the MBE Boot Camp – Attend the MBE Boot Camp at EXPO 2015 to learn the latest success strategies in growing a business in today’s marketplace. (EXPO)

Sign Up for Coaching Corner – Sign up to visit with MBE professional business coaches and consultants for free coaching sessions in conjunction with EXPO 2015. (EXPO)

Explore the International Market – Let HMSDC help connect you to resources, opportunities and potential business partners abroad. (Staff)

Read the HMSDC Newsletter –
Published the first week of each month, the HMSDC newsletter is your guide to success. (Staff)


Attend the Matchmaking Luncheon & Procurement Roundtables – Join over 300 decision makers at the February 11 MBE Showcase and Luncheon featuring success strategies of past Supplier of the Year Award winners and connections to current business opportunities. (Program)

Participate in the Scholarship Fundraiser – Join 200+ business leaders at the annual golf classic to help raise $95,000 for MBE Business Executive Scholarships while building lasting business relationships on the golf course, in the golf clinic, or at the awards luncheon. (Scholarship)

Scholarship Luncheon & MBE Showcase – Join over 300 decision makers at the July MBE Showcase and Luncheon recognizing Corporate Members and MBEs who spend the most with MBEs, 2015 MBE Scholarship winners and, of course, plenty of connections to business opportunities. (Program)

Register Early for EXPO 2015 – Don’t miss the EXPO 2015 Business Opportunity Marketplace on November 4-5 with 180+ exhibitors, including 25 new exhibitors, 20 prime suppliers and 1,500 attendees (EXPO)

Use Direct Connect – Set meetings in advance with specific exhibitors at specific times at EXPO 2015. (EXPO)

Emerging 10 Luncheon & MBE Showcase – Join over 300 decision makers at the September MBE Showcase and Luncheon featuring the success strategies of ten MBEs and, of course, plenty of connections to business opportunities. (Program)

Attend Monthly Doing Business With Forums – Connect to business opportunities and processes at specific Corporate Members or in specific industries at these monthly forums. (Staff)

Follow Major Projects –
HMSDC will align itself with major projects as a resource for MBE participation such as the bond programs of the City of Houston, Houston Community College, HISD, and Metro in 2015. Look for regular updates on these major projects. (Staff)

MBE to MBE –
Attend MBE Mixers and call HMSDC to source for MBEs who can support your business with the goal of spending $3 million between HMSDC MBEs in 2015. (MAC)

Join an Industry Group – Join an Industry Group to connect to insight, decision makers, opportunities and alliance partners in your industry. (MAC)

Keep Up With Weekly Alerts and Procurement Reports – Published weekly these publications will keep you informed of upcoming events and developments in supplier diversity and HMSDC and current procurement and contracting opportunities. (Staff)

Keep Your Data Fresh – Maintain current information in HMSDC’s searchable, on-line directory with emphasis on complete, accurate information for easy access by Corporate Members. (Staff)

Frequent the HMSDC Website – Catch up with current marketplace trends, networking and matchmaking events, and chart your progress along your Pathway to Success at www.hmsdc.org. (Staff)

Use HMSDC Social Media – Use different media functions to develop and connect with experts in certain topical forums on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. (Staff)

Network at the Holiday Social –
Attend the festive holiday gathering in December to network with 100+ MBEs and Corporate Members, and to reflect on a great year of minority business development. (Program)

CEO Exchange – Host a CEO Academy Exchange with another NMSDC Council to facilitate connections and potential strategic alliances between top level MBEs in 2015. (Staff).


Create a Success Image – Share your success monthly on Facebook, LinkedIn and the HMSDC blog, Twitter, Weekly Alerts, Monthly Newsletter, HMSDC website and at the HMSDC ReViews. (Staff)

Become Recognized – Nominate yourself and others for HMSDC awards throughout the year. (SDAC, MAC)

Speak Out – Share your views, advice, encouragement and example with others as follows:

Attend the Town Hall – Attend the town hall meeting in January to acquaint yourself with new initiatives and strategies for HMSDC and communicate your interests and needs to HMSDC leadership. (Board)

Attend MAC/STAC Meetings – Attend semi-annual combined meetings of MBEs and Corporate Members to share perspective and evaluate priorities and strategies. (MAC, SDAC)

Tell Your Story – Help position HMSDC as the primary source of information and support on MBEs and MBE development among local chambers of commerce and economic development organizations including the Greater Houston Partnership, City of Houston and ISM-Houston (Membership)

Support Your Community – Participate in an HMSDC program that establishes your and HMSDC’s good will in the community. (Membership)

Connect With Your Legislators – Join the HMSDC delegation to Austin on March 10 for MBE Public Policy Day to build and maintain relations with key city, county, state and federal legislators and advise them on issues pertinent to HMSDC and minority business development. Visit City Council, Metro or HISD Board meetings with HMSDC to address topics of importance to MBEs. Screen candidates for public office in August-October. (MAC)

Broaden Your Exposure– Leverage strong relations with targeted media by submitting or working with HMSDC to develop articles for publication and serving as the credible voice and example of minority business development. (Staff)

Understand Your Impact – Leverage off the economic impact analysis of HMSDC to help others better appreciate the significance of minority business development. (Staff)