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Companies certified by HMSDC are required to renew their certification each year. It is the company’s responsibility to maintain current certification yearly. The certification expiration date will be listed on the certificate and in the company’s online profile. While registered contacts may receive a courtesy notification warning that the certification is due to expire, HMSDC is not responsible for ensuring that a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) gets recertified. Recertification remains the sole responsibility of each MBE.

The processing time for an MBE recertification is 7-10 business days. HUB recertification will be completed approximately 10-15 business days after your recertification is approved. If you have a pending contracting opportunity HMSDC offers expedited recertification for an additional fee of $150.00. The expedited recertification guarantees your HMSDC & HUB applications be completed in no more than 2 business days. To apply for expedited certification, please click here.

The applicant is also responsible for submitting the required documents for recertification. These documents include:

      • Completed recertification application
      • Signed, dated and notarized affidavit/declaration page
      • Complete and signed copy of the previous business year’s federal tax returns including all schedules
      • End of year financial statements as of December 31, of the current year. (balance sheet and profit/loss)
      • Non-refundable processing fee

Here are a few tutorial documents to assist you through the recertification process

1. How to recertify
2. How to recertify with no password
3. How to recertify with forgotten password
4. Apply for Recertification Assistance Program

To begin the recertification application, Apply Online

Recertification Fee Chart

Category Online Amount
Class 1: < $1M $400
Class 2: $1M – $9.99M $650
Class 3: $10M – $49.99 $1,050
Class 4: $50M – above $1,400
Expedited (additional)*3 $350

Certification obtained through HMSDC is a national certification valid throughout the United States. If you have business operations in other geographical areas, however, you may wish to consider subscribing to the services of other Affiliate Councils. HMSDC services are available to all HMSDC certified MBEs and do not require paying for a separate subscription. Learn more about our Subscription Services