Join the ranks of over 130 esteemed corporations and government entities as a corporate member of the HMSDC, your premier partner in diversifying your supply chain with top-tier minority-owned businesses.
A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is a certification for companies proving they are at least 51% owned by U.S. citizens who are Asian-Pacific, Asian-Indian, Black, Hispanic, or Native American. This includes ownership in both private and publicly-owned businesses, with management and daily operations controlled by minority group members.

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HMSDC By The Numbers



Class 1 (<$1M) $241,533 Avg. Revenue
Class 2 ($1M - $9.99)$3,811,197 Avg. Revenue
Class 3 ($10M - $49.99) $22,672,295 Avg. Revenue
Class 4 ($50M >) $546,038,095 Avg. Revenue

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