Corporate Membership Requirements

To join, your organization must align with the following criteria:

Establish or Enhance Supplier Diversity Programs

Your business should either have an existing supplier diversity program or be committed to developing one.

Promote Opportunities for MBEs

Actively seek and promote business opportunities for minority business enterprises.

Engage with MBEs for Goods and Services

Commit to purchasing goods and services from minority business enterprises.

Report on MBE Engagement

Annually report the aggregate dollar value of your purchases from minority business enterprises.

Designate an HMSDC Point of Contact

Appoint a representative to serve as the liaison with HMSDC.

Participate in Local HMSDC Activities

Engage in and support the activities organized by HMSDC in the local community.

Financial Support

Commit to an annual financial contribution level to support the council’s initiatives.

Corporate Programs

The Programs Managers Meeting
SDAC Committee
Level of Excellence.

Achieving corporate membership involves submitting an application that demonstrates your organization’s dedication to proactive supplier diversity efforts, along with the payment of an annual membership fee. By becoming a corporate member, you not only contribute to the economic growth and development of our communities but also position your organization at the forefront of supplier diversity and inclusion.

Join us in making a meaningful impact and fostering a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape.  If you have questions, please contact Angela Freeman.